Our passion

Strathmore works closely with business owners who want to build organisations capable of sustained success and who want to create capital value in their companies.  We provide advice and guidance to companies at all stages of their lifecycle from start-up through to sale of the business.

Strathmore’s approach focuses on the key processes of the organisation.  We work with managers and employees to improve performance of the underlying business processes necessary for delivering sustainable profitability and growth.  We bring precision and creativity to business management and offer a source of support and expertise to those on the front line.

Our services are available to take a strategic view of your business and to assist you in shaping it for success, or we can be employed to look at a single specific issue that requires attention.  We provide interim executives to perform operational activities that are needed either temporarily or until a full time employee is recruited.  We offer non executive director services to provide longer term guidance and support to the executive team.

Our services cover the full breadth of business management – strategy, marketing, sales, operations, finance, HR, IT, infrastructure, administration – because a successful business needs all of these to be operating effectively and in balance.

We’re pragmatic and hands-on.  Recognising that in most cases success relies on just 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration, we roll up our sleeves and get stuck in.  Importantly, we have real operational experience of everything we advise on.

We appreciate that maximising the value of a business can be a bit like the man tasked with draining the swamp: alligators everywhere and no-one to help!

That’s where Strathmore comes in.  We’ve been there!  We’ve lived to tell the tale and now offer the value of our experience to help others achieve their vision quicker, more efficiently and less painfully.

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